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Sales Representative

Rasa Floors

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New York, Islandia, 11749

$0 - $1 / annum

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2-4yr Experience

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Job Details

The Sales Representative contributes to the company's overall sales by selling flooring materials to existing and new customers within the multi-family industry. This position will be responsible for the following duties and responsibilities: Responsibilities/duties include but are not limited to: Builds long-term relationships. Develops and maintains product and service knowledge to become an extremely competent expert advisor. Compiles and maintains a list of prospective customers for use as sales leads, based on information from the corporate office, co-workers, business directories, industry publications, trade shows, Internet sites, and social media, from networking at apartment association events and functions and by asking for referrals. Travels throughout the branch's service area to visit future clients and establish relationships. Qualifies the needs of future clients. Upon identifying future clients’ needs, presents appropriate products and services. Performs field measurements of typical apartment floor plans, calculates square yard/square foot requirements for clients, and prepares and provides per-unit proposals as needed. Addresses concerns/overcome objections of future clients in order to earn the opportunity to serve. Closes sale and then develops client loyalty. Enters new customer data and other sales data for current customers into the computer database. Updates CRM daily, logging their contact with both their regular and future clients. Works with customer services and operations departments to ensure efficient order fulfillment. Investigates and resolve challenges that arise and maintain client satisfaction Becomes involved in Apartment Associations. Studies the profession of sales.

Required skills

Customer Service
Multifamily Industry

Salary Range

$0 - $1 / annum

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Paid Time Off
Life Insurance

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Full time