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Flexible Solutions for Every Hiring Requirement

go2work Standard


30 days free trial

Custom job templates

1 Job post per month

Unlimited Candidate views

25 Shortlisted Candidates

Candidate Match Percentage results

Integrated chat feature

Integrated video conferencing for interviews

AI Matching Technology

Mobile application (Android & Apple)

Optional 30-second company video

$199 / month

go2work Premium


Everything that go2work Standard has

3 Job posts per month

Unlimited Candidate views

100 shortlisted candidates

$249 / month


go2work Pro


Everything that go2work Premium has

Unlimited Job posts per month

Unlimited candidate views

Unlimited shortlisted candidates

$399 / month

Discover Your Next Star Employee - Find Top Talent with Our Job Candidate Finder!

We understand that hiring the right candidate is crucial to the success of any business. We specialize in helping companies find and recruit top talent that will not only meet but exceed their expectations

Recruit quality candidates

Provide a list of the required skills for the job so that relevant candidates can apply

Test their Skills

Test applicant's skills with customizable screening questions

Prioritize your candidates

You can view resumes, send messages, and schedule interviews on the go2work platform